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Little Squirt Set Up and Operating Instructions

Diagram 1

  1. 1. Push Little Squirts legs several inches into the ground.

    Diagram 2

  2. Attach your garden hose to the back of the Little Squirt's hose.

  3. Place the Little Squirt's hose nozzle on his left side. Open the nozzle approximately 1/4 or 1/2 turn. Be sure the chain is not kinked or twisted.

    Diagram 3
  4. Place the Little Squirt facing away from you. Turn the water on QUICKLY.

    NOTE: It is the sudden burst of water pressure that starts the action. If the arm swing needs adjusting come up behind the Little Squirt and grab the hose. Hold the "hand" and twist the hose. Let go. Every twist changes the pattern. Do not let the arm bang against the body.

  5. Low water pressure or long hoses will not make the arm swing. Adjust the nozzle and the arm to spray the area you want watered.

    Diagram 4
  6. If it still doesn't work properly -- move the hose nozzle closer to or further from the wooden arm by sliding it through the wooden arm hole.

    NOTE: Water in the morning or the evening.

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