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LDS Scripture Marking Kits

Thank you for this excellent tool!!!! I teach seminary and my students love them!!! (CW Austin, Texas)

This LDS Scripture Marking kit provides instructions and everything you need (except scriptures) to help you find marked scriptures by topic quickly. This system described in the instructions makes it easy to find specific verses on over forty gospel topics.

You will find it to be useful for study purposes, preparing talks and for use in classes and discussions.


Scripture Marking Kit Contents 

The basic kit contains

  • One 6 inch plastic ruler

  • 896 self sticking colored dots (224 yellow, 224 green, 224 blue, and 224 red)

  • Four colored pencils (1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 red)

  • Complete Instructions with a list of over 850 scriptures by subject

  • Two legends for placement in your scriptures (one for triple combination and one for Bible)

  • All of the above contained in handy soft sided pencil case (approx. 9.5 inches by 6 inches) with zippered opening.


LDS Scripture Marking System Kit

The deluxe kit contains everything in the basic kit

  • plus 960 pre-printed self-sticking category labels for clear and neat labeling of individual scriptures. Each clear label with black text is approximately 7/16" wide by 1/2" high.

Scripture Marking Labels

How it works

A Scripture Subject Chart with forty gospel topics listed is placed in the front of the scriptures.  Using a ruler, colored lines corresponding to each topic are drawn along the outside end of the book. When a scripture is marked a code referencing a subject on the chart is placed in the margin next to the scripture.  A dot is folded over the edge of the page at the point where the line from the corresponding subject touches the page.


Usage instructions

Choose a topic from the Scripture Subject Chart.

Run your finger down the corresponding colored line, feeling for the folded dots.

When you feel a dot open the scriptures at that point to find a scripture with the corresponding code.

It's that easy!

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